First blog post

DSC_0337Dear readers,

This is my first blog post. I would like to use my blogs to express ideas and creative content that I have come up with. There will be a common trend in posts based off of my hobbies and interests. Running, music, photography and Runners Circuit will most likely be what I post about. I love feedback and criticism so please feel free to reach out. I hope I can provide applicable insight from my hobbies and interest.

Runners Circuit is a website that I am working on developing to help follow club running teams across the US. I will be posting ideas that I have come up with surrounding how I believe this website could grow into a social media platform. Music has always been something that my father showed me and fell in love with artists like Jim Morrison, Eric Clapton, and Robbie Robertson. I am currently exploring a lot of new music and plan to share my thoughts on new music. I also enjoy recording and coming up with sounds on my ukulele. Photography is a hobby that has continued to grow in me. I don’t have the fanciest equipment or do much editing but I love posting what I come up with.

Henry Jessen

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